Saturday, 31 October 2009


Friday Evening: 7.25pm

I should have been writing a blog post for Wednesday, but I can't concentrate. My head is full of worries. In an attempt to help dispel these, I'm writing them here. After all this is a weblog, right?

I'm going on holiday. At least I should be, if things go to plan. The only problem is, I don't go on holiday. I never really have. The occasional trip to a seaside resort with the children when I was married, but not a holiday involving air going arboad. Of course, I sometimes travel on business to do courses and the like, but then everything is arranged for you, and I'm often there with colleagues. And even then I worry.

It's not as if I'm doing anything adventurous, like those people who take a single change of underwear, a couple of sticks, a mouldy Mars Bar and £5 and manage to hike to the South Pole and back. Via Everest, of course, with sightseeing trips to a couple of war zones.

No, all I'm doing is flying to Athens for a short break. What if the taxi gets here at 5.45 in the evening instead of the morning? I did tell them 5.45, not 4.45, didn't I? What if my alarm clock doesn't go off at 4am? What if my alarm clock goes off but I don't wake up? Did I check the batteries in the alarm clock?

I've no real plans, but at least the hotel is in a central location near a lot of the sights. If I end up getting the bus from the airport and walking from Constitution Square, will I be safe? Especially with the hotel being near the red light district. Why did I wait until after I'd booked it to find out about the red light district? And about the fact that the revolutionary terrorist types hang out not far from there (according to the US State Department's website)?

I got a great deal on the holiday, though the hotel has mixed reviews and is obviously of the cheap and cheerful variety. What about that review that mentioned cockroaches? And pubic hairs on the bed linen? Will I be able to sleep there? Or will I end up walking through the streets in an insomniac daze?

I paid slightly more than the cheapest price so that I could get flights at a reasonable time. What if my return flight's delayed and I get stranded at the airport after the last bus has gone?

Anyway, aside from all my worries, I'm looking forwards to visiting one of the great seats of civilisation, to being able to sit and leaf through newspapers printed on paper instead of a computer screen, not to mention sampling the local food and drink. And forgetting about work and responsibilities for a few days. What if I'm robbed and lose my money, credit cards and passport? I'll probably end up in a prison cell.

The hotel has apparently got internet access, so I might be able to read some of my favourite blogs, otherwise you'll get an update in a week or so. What if I end up spending the rest of my life in an airport like Tom Hanks? What if...


Dan said...

Don't worry so much! Have fun! Pick ip a couple of hookers from the red light district, get drunk and do a great post about it.

Jean Knee said...

how did Dan beat me here?

Jean Knee said...

nah, don't worry
one or two things jick up but not usually what you expect.

Next time come here and I'll show you the sights. We even have a red light street (minus the red light cuz it's illegal here)

for a different kind of girl said...

I pretty much think that no matter what you pay for a hotel room, you're going to encounter pubic hair on the bed linens. If not there, you're going to definitely spot one tucked away in the corner of the bathroom. It's a given.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, you can pretty much not worry about missing out on that!

Bee said...

Hey!! What happened to my comment??? Did you take it to Greece with you?

I forgot what I said before but it was hilarious!

I hope you have a lot of fun!

Chris Wood said...

The best holidays are just mooching about, not some hideously overorganised cramming in of as many sights as possible. Those just stink.


Kat said...

Who would've thought you were such a worry wart? I am sure everything will be just fine. Take it from the woman that missed about a dozen planes and whose colleague travelled to China with an ATM card and no cash, credit card or traveller cheques....
Hoping you're having a great trip

Jean Knee said...

aren't you back yet??

Bee said...

It's Saturday!! You home yet?

Brian o vretanos said...


Belated Happy Birthday!

Jean Knee:

I couldn't find any red lights in Athens, either.


The sheets were fine, as it turned out.




I took your advice, and had a great time.


Yes, all the worries proved groundless.

Jean Knee & Bee:

I arrived back here 25 minutes ago - 2 hours ahead of schedule.