Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Nothing Doing

Last week was rather stressful, due to family issues which are unfortunately ongoing (isn't old age cruel?), and I've been feeling zonked. Thankfully, as this week progresses, I'm beginning to get back to normal, and to wake up a bit.

So apart from the work and family stuff, what have I been doing over the last seven days? Well, I spent two of those days travelling by rail, which meant that I got a lot of reading done. I got through Agatha Christie's Sleeping Murder in three days, which is very good going for me.

Yesterday evening, I went to the pub for the first time in about three weeks. It was good to catch up with people, but nothing very exciting actually happened, I'm afraid. You're probably going to complain that I'm not trying hard enough. I should have drunk a lot more and made a real idiot of myself to get some blogging material. I might do that another time. In fact, if I get really short of stuff to blog about, I could go to the next karaoke night, and post up a video of the event. For your sakes, I hope I don't get that desperate.

Otherwise, I've done very little. I've not been checking everyone's blogs as assiduously as I should, and I promise to do better. I'm also hoping that I will be able to find time to blog about my trip to Greece in the next few days. As they say, "Watch this space"


Bee said...

I for one would pay an insane amount of money to see you do kareoke kaoreoke karokee however you spell it!

Bee said...

And by insane I mean $20 tops.

Jean Knee said...

I wanna see ya too.

talk about no blogging material--seen mine lately? I know

Jean Knee said...


Chris said...

I would love to see you doing kareokee. This way I wouldn't feel as if I was the only one on the planet who recently got drunk enough to allow herself to be talked into singing an amazing rendition of Jewel's 'Only You' in a honkey tonk bar.

so have pity on me and please make an arse of yourself as soon as possible :)

John Atkinson said...

Shove a microphone in my face and my mind goes blank. Neat blog Brian. Please visit my blog. Best, John

Chris Wood said...

Not good enough. Go back to the pub, drink enough to kill a whale, do something dumb, get arrested, and then write about it.