Saturday, 16 January 2010

Wet Weekend

I'm not going to make any attempt to compare the Arctic conditions we've been having to the dreadful things that people elsewhere in the world are being forced to deal with, but the abnormal Swedish weather situation has now ended. At least in my part of the world.

Things are back to normal. With a vengeance. It's been raining for the past two days, and about the only evidence of the snow and ice is the terrible state that the roads have ended up in (I'm still hoping that the huge pothole I struck yesterday hasn't damaged my poor car), and the mountains of uncollected rubbish. I'm not sure why the rubbish hasn't been collected for two weeks, but if they don't come next week, we'll be knee deep in bin bags.

Maybe now the British will stop moaning about the rain and begin to realise just how lucky we are to have our roads and gardens cleaned and watered automatically on such a regular basis, and to have plentiful water supplies. We won't of course, because then we wouldn't have anything to talk about. Yet another benefit of the rain.

There are warnings of heavy snow in the middle of next week (described as a "moderate" risk), but I'm trying to be optimistic and hoping that the rain won't let us down again...


Jean Knee said...

I will take your lead and try to look upon "searing dry heat" as a good thing about Texas.

I always knew you secretly liked the rain

Bee said...

Today we had sunshine and 35 degrees during the day but then we had a weird mini snowstorm in the evening. I left my house wearing a sweater but then wished I had brought a coat when I got out of work. Still, it's better than the single digits we've had before.

Chris Wood said...

So long as it's not more snow, I'm fine. I can handle the rain. I'm a native Manc, so it shouldn't be a problem.