Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ideal Home?

Reading through my favourite blogs, there seems to be a recurring theme for many of you. Homes. Bee's taken in another family member, Chris is swithering about whether or not to move out of his unique Manchester home (apparently instead of being timber framed it's made out of CD cases), and SHG is in the process of moving Cowbell HQ to a new location. Kat and her husband are still busy doing out what is to be their dream home, and VE has an exclusive report suggesting that the President of some former British colony (I forget which) is considering painting his house a less boring colour. I think he needs a few tins of that Tartan paint.

So I thought that as a service to my readers, I'd try and find this week's must have property.

I spent hours scouring the world for that ideal but unique home. Well, I would have spent hours, or even weeks if it weren't for those nice folks at google. Anyway, if anyone has a drum can you please roll it for...

The Nuclear Bunker

There are apparently loads of these for sale in the USA. In addition to the rather modest property featured in the video, someone has done some extensive renovation of a missile silo in New York State. Two private suites in a spring-loaded structure designed to withstand a direct nuclear strike would be ideal when those troublesome or quarrelsome relatives decide to pay a visit.

These underground structures stay at a constant temperature all year round, which is ideal for wine buffs, and no doubt saves on heating and cooling. And you won't have to worry about dry rot, termites, ex wives, burglars or Word War III.

There's loads of space, plenty of scope for DIY, and the best thing of all is having something like "Atlas F Missile Silo" as the first line of your address.

I must admit that although at first I thought this was all a bit silly, the idea of living in such a place is quite appealing. However, I've decided not to move just yet. Apart from the rather long commute to work (even if some of these places do have their own runways), there don't appear to be many pubs nearby.

How did on Earth did they expect to keep civilisation going in these bunkers without decent boozers???


Super Happy Girl said...

Ooh, I love being listed in Brian's favourite blogs :)

When the guy said "If you are contaminated, radioactive or something you just come in this room..." NO DUDE. Just no. Seriously. If a nuke goes off I just want to go out with it. There'll be no internets so what's the point anymore.

I'm glad you spend hours looking for that ideal home Brian. This post help me realize I don't want to survive a nuke.

Unless there are zombies involved.
Then yes.

Jean Knee said...

well, yeah zombies make nuclear war or other such destruction seem much more interesting.

you could bring your own booze, Brian.

kat said...

Hehe, bunkers always scared the living shit out of me. I always see horrible pictures of a nuclear fallout before my inner eye when I think of a bunker. Seriously. I'd rather be dead than emerge from a bunker and find nothing but nuclear wasteland. In case there was no nuclear war, I'd still crap my pants being confided in one of these things ;)