Sunday, 28 February 2010


As you know, when I buy something, I always check the packaging, read any manuals, etc, before using or eating the product. This ensures not only that I get the full benefit of my purchase, but also that I am completely aware of any potential issues that might arise from its use.

My printer stopped working the other day. Because it was a cheap one that cost less than the replacement ink cartridges, repair was out of the question. As luck would have it, my local supermarket is currently selling hp all-in-one-wireless-photosmart-printer-scanner-copier-coffee-makers for half the usual price. So in addition to green beans, washing liquid and toilet rolls, my weekly shop also included the Photosmart C4780.

In addition to printing, it has a scanner. I've never had a scanner before. It means that I will no longer have to photograph product package warnings that I want to post on my blog about 50 times before I get a picture where the text hasn't been totally wiped out by the flash. The picture below was produced using this scanning technology.

The package in question was a free pack of HP Premium Plus photo paper. Now, I know what you're thinking. How can paper possibly be dangerous? Perhaps there'll be a warning about paper cuts. Maybe it's not a good idea to eat it.

We're all familiar with warnings such as "May contain nuts", but I wasn't aware that Swiss products might be dangerous. Other than Swiss Army knives, of course. And Swiss cheese can cause problems if you leave it in the sun for too long. But I'm not sure about swiss photo paper. Perhaps some people suffer fatal anaphylactic shocks when coming into contact with Swiss products? Maybe it's something in that clear mountain air? I've searched through all three sheets of the free paper, but I can't find any hidden switches that launch corkscrews out of the side, or any sign of mouldy cheese.

Anyway, now that I'm suitably forewarned, I shall handle this product with extreme caution and seek immediate medical attention if anything unusual develops on the photo paper.


Jean Knee said...

Damn those Swiss!

Chris Wood said...

Yes, I'd be worried. Very, very worried.

Bee said...

Now I'm craving Swiss cheese and chocolate!

I hope your printer doesn't decide to have an argument with your computer and give it the silent treatment. That's what mine is doing right now.