Friday, 21 November 2008

Wordy Wednesday - In My Dreams

I know, I know, it's Friday, but I had this post programmed to go off on Wednesday. Only I picked the wrong Wednesday...

I'm going to tell you about a couple of my dreams.

I'm not talking about the kind of dreams that I'm saving for when I find a brass lamp containing a genie:

1. Becoming massively rich without even buying a lottery ticket.

2. An idyllic and idle life in a Greek-speaking part of the Mediterranean, with Aimilia Kenevezou tending to my needs (assuming she can cook).
My favourite food (afelia)

3. Being able to play the piano as well as Les Dawson.

4. Writing a blog post that everyone else finds as hilarious as I did.

I know you only get three wishes, so I'll have to forgo one of these, but I'm still trying to choose between 3 and 4.

Anyway, I don't mean those kind of dreams. I'm thinking of weird dreams. The sort of thing that Kat was talking about last week.

I have these every so often. They are generally not very exciting, and they'll only get included in the film of my life if ends up being directed by someone like Bergman or Fellini.

The only distinguishing feature that they tend to share is weird geography. I'll be in one place, walk through a door or down a corridor, and be somewhere totally different.

The other week I dreamt that I was in one of the coastal towns in Cyprus. Larnaca, I think. I walked into a large hall where a conference was just about to start. Someone told me that I'd better sit down while I could still get a seat. And sure enough, moments later hoards of people arrived, most of whom were forced to stand. To listen to the conference of... metallurgists.

A conference about titanium

Now, I don't know any metallurgists, and I knew absolutely nothing about metallurgy. I didn't pick up any useful information from the conference either, because I woke up before it actually began. If I'd stayed asleep, I could have become an expert, except of course that you only remember the dreams that end half-way through. It's so unfair.

The day before Kat's post, oddly enough, I had some more weird dreams. Sadly, I forgot all but one. This involved a bus ride. The bus was a little odd, though. There were several seats in front of the driver, and when I walked to the rear of the bus, and to the right, there were seats and tables arranged a little bit like a cafe or pub, and it was more like a large room than a bus. The carpet and seat coverings were wine-red, and there were a lot of passengers, mainly old people.

I kept walking, until I had done a full circuit of the bus. Other things happened. People got on and off, and someone had some kind of package. Ot was very bulky - I think it might have been furniture, and there was a discussion with the driver about whether it should be thrown off the bus whilst it was moving. I think in the end it was. I hope that whatever it was didn't hit a passer-by - I wouldn't like to end up getting sued.

These are only what I remember - I bet the other ones I don't know about are far more exciting...

I'm away this week, but I'll catch up on all your blogs in a few days time.


Chris Wood said...

First! Woohoo!

(does slow limbo dance of barely credible proportions & then puts back out)

Chris Wood said...


Jean Knee said...

how dare you leave without a word.

I usually remember my dreams and feel cheated if they are boring--which they usually aren't

that heavy metal convention sounds rockin

Jean Knee said...

your favorite food looks like spam

Chris Wood said...

I have this weird dream where I'm Les Dawson playing the piano before a conference of magnesium enthusiasts, none of whom like Schubert.

Very odd.

Brian o vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

If the post had gone off on Wednesday as planned, you'd never have noticed. Afelia is nothing like spam. It's pork slowly cooked in red wine and corianders.


You get that one too???

Kat said...

Oh boy you do have weird dreams alright. I dream of plane crashes and airline employees hogging my luggage while you ponder in your sleep whether furniture packes ought to be thrown out of a moving bus...I hope our dreams never unite or else we will cause havoc on the world :)

I wouldn't mind dreaming about being in Larnaca or anywhere else in Cyprus or Greece for that matter.

Anndi said...

You're BACK!!! Missed you.

Brian o vretanos said...


That's a very good point - I wouldn't want your plane crashing into my bus ;-)



Bee said...

I am very upset I was unable to be first! Veeeery upset!

Bee said...

I have weird dreams too. Just the other night I dreamt I was being followed around by pale ridiculously looking ugly people.

Bee said...

I'm not trying to sound shallow because I no longer look as good as I did when I was a baby. These people really were something to be shocked about.

Brian o vretanos said...


Are you sure that wasn't just a normal work day? With the RULPs being bats, or groping patients, or something?

Dan said...

where does "de-javu" come from? is that something we dreamed?
I seem to be having a lot of de-javu lately, can you tell me why? or at least say something smart enough to convince me you know what you're talking about.

Dan said...

Hey, where's my shades?

Brian o vretanos said...


Deja vu is French meaning "Seen before", so perhaps it's something you have dreamt. More likely, it's something that seems familiar in a way that you can't quite put your finger on.

Some people believe that it's evidence that people can see the future. If you think that's true, then have a day at the races, and see if you can predict any of the winning horses. If you make a killing, I'll expect 10% for suggesting this, of course...

My new comment thing doesn't show pictures - I hadn't noticed that before. If people don't like it, I'll change it back. I like it. Apart from losing your shades, of course.

Dan said...

If I loose money will you pay me back 10%, go back to the old format.

catscratch said...

I would so ride the bus all the time if there was a pub involved.

Most of the dreams I end up remembering are pissers... things I'd rather not remember.