Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wordy Wednesday - Wonders of the World

Prepare to be amazed...

Unless you've been living deep underwater for the past few days, you will no doubt have heard the news that in Google Earth, you can not only go into space, but now also undersea, to look at all the weird hidden parts of our planet.

This is only the beginning, of course. Soon we will hopefully be able to explore even more hidden Wonders of the World:

Google Handbag - The most ambitious of Google's projects will look inside the feminine Tardis that contains everything but the kitchen sink. Or will we find that in there too?

Google Attic - No, this isn't a special Greek edition. I'm referring to that space in your house where people rarely go. Although Lorne Spicer and co have been finding all sorts of hidden antiques and rubbish in Cash in the Attic, it's going to take Google's high technology to uncover this largely unexplored world.

Google Sewers - Have you ever wondered what happens to the various items that you flush away daily? Well, now you can follow them all the way through the pipework, processing plants and then back to your tap. A real revelation.

Google Fantastic Voyage - Miniature submarines will be placed into volunteer's bodies to map their insides. They'll have to find a younger replacement for Racquel Welch, herself in her heyday one of the wonders of the modern world.

Whilst we're waiting for the clever folks at Google to do all this, there are still lots of wonders on the surface of our planet. I love the "boat" on land in Hong Kong at 22o18'14.69"N, 114o11'23.84"E. Apparently, it's a shopping centre.

And here are some more. Incidentally, the video is best viewed full screen in HQ mode (move the mouse over the triangle at the bottom right whilst the video is playing and choose "HQ").


Bee said...


Bee said...

Thanks Brian, now I've got that deedly doh doh song in my head.

Bee said...


Kat said...

You're a genius. I wish Google came up with "Google handbag". Have you any idea how long women look for stuff in their handbags? I'd use that any second LOL.

Chris Wood said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Is there a Google Candles?

Jean Knee said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

i don't carry a handbag maybe they'll have one :check Jean Knee's pockets. yes she's happy to see you.

dizzy mom said...

Happy Birthday!

I don't think I want to know what is flushed away everyday. I can only imagine what they might find...shudder

Brian o vretanos said...




The people at Google are very smart, so maybe they'll find a way to do it.


Blowing out virtual candles wouldn't be the same...

Jean Knee:

Or maybe Google Craft Hoard ;-)

Dizzy Mom:


Jean Knee said...

Brian, have you gotten your birthday spankings yet? ;)

Dan said...

I need Goggle Where the Fuck are my keys and my wallet, oh and google where the fuck is my phone! Happy B day !!!!

No Cool Story said...

I am late for the birthday!!
I hope you had a great and super happy birthday Brian!

Jean Knee said...

I want to know about the spankings. That wasn't rhetorical

Brian o vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

I know nothing about any spankings. It's just a vicious rumour...


Maybe you just need a chain for your keys and phone.