Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wordy Wednesday - In a Hurry

No Time

The only downside of having such a great long weekend was losing track of time. Today feels like it should be Tuesday. I've also been rushing around this week. There seems to be a lot to do, but I was so tired yesterday (sleepless night) that I couldn't find the energy to write a blog post, so I went to the pub instead.

Today I'm writing this in a hurry because I can hear the rumble of thunder, and I want to get it finished before I get struck by lightening. The next time you look here if there's no post, but just a pair of smouldering shoes, you'll know what's happened.

Time Travel

During my sleepless night I had several dreams. Which means that it wasn't entirely sleepless, I know, but I kept waking up. I don't remember much about the dreams, but unusually they didn't involve riding on busses, and in at least one of them I travelled through time. This is probably why I'm getting my days mixed up this week. I only wish I'd travelled to Saturday morning...

Shopping Time

During the Easter weekend, I got round to buying some bits and pieces - a new pair of headphones (I broke the others with my big head), and finally some computer speakers. Until now I've been mainly listening to things through the tinny monitor speakers, and these really make a difference. I just hope I'm not annoying the neighbours too much.

The other thing I bought was a new ink cartridge for my printer, after having to send my solicitor a letter printed in bright green. As it was accompanied by a cheque, I don't think they'll mind so much.

Video Time
I don't know why, but mentos and diet coke videos are often surprisingly entertaining. You'd have thought that if you'd seen one, you'd have seen them all. Maybe I'm just losing it in my not-yet-that-old age...

If I manage not to get struck down, there'll be an educational feature in the next day or two...


Jean Knee said...

drive by firsting

Jean Knee said...

mentos and diet coke can do that? how much shaking is required?

Brian o vretanos said...

No shaking - it's some kind of chemical reaction...

Jean Knee said...

I'm gonna have to try that out

Rhonda said...

Be careful with the time travel. From what I've read, clothes and belongings don't travel with you.

Tracy Rambles said...

I've always wanted to do some time traveling. I think it was inspired by that movie (of course I can't remember the name...hang on...)Ok, I found it.
The movie was called "Somewhere In Time", made in 1980, and starred Christopher Reeves (Superman) and Jane Seymour (of nothing that I can remember) and he traveled back in time to be with her when she was younger after meeting her as an old lady.
If I remember correctly, he went to a costume shop to get appropriate clothes and they did travel with him so maybe you won't end up naked afterall.

Tracy Rambles said...

I haven't decided yet where I would travel to, though. I should probably put some thought into that.
I've read a lot of romance novels set back a long, long time ago where a young, British maiden was forced to marry a Scottish warrior who was the biggest man she had ever seen.
In the end, and after a near death experience, the maiden falls in love with the warrior and he turns out to be a big teddy bear of love.
I think I'll go back there. But I'll need to take a lot of toilet paper and hand sanitizer with me. I'm sure they didn't have either one back then.

Tracy Rambles said...

Actually, now that I think about it, I'd really rather not go back to that time.
They probably didn't have deoderant or Dial soap and so they must have been smelly.
Plus, I'm not one who enjoys near death experiences.
I think I should stay here until I put more thought into it. This isn't one of those "snap decisions" you know.

Bee said...

I would travel back to the time my niece coughed on me and then when asked "can you hold her for a minute?" I'd say "nooooooo" just like that.

Now I want to try the mentos thing. While I had the day off on Monday too, I feel like today was Thursday and keep wanting to cry when I remember it's actually Wednesday. ::sigh::

Sully Sullivan said...

You know, I never remember my dreams. It's really weird. I mean, I must have them right? Yet, I never ever can say, "hey I had the weirdest dream..." I guess I CAN say, "hey I've just had the weirdest past 24 years of life never having one dream..."

Anyhow, it's good to be reading your posts again.

Chris Wood said...

Great post! You broke some headphones with your big head and went to the pub.

Quality writing.

Brian o vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

Make sure you take pictures, or even better, make a video


That could be unfortunate for any innocent bystanders...


No deodorant, no microwaves, no computers. Life was pretty grim back then.


Yes, if only life had an "undo" button.


Hello! I don't remember most of mine.


Yes, that about sums it up ;-)

Dan said...

Four day work week are the best. It must suck not to remember your dreams. Fight The Man!

No Cool Story said...

Jean Knee!

The mentos/coke experiment is indeed always very entertaining to watch. I just wonder how sticky they end up afterwards.
I'd not like to wash their clothes.