Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wordy Wednesday (A day early): An Exclusive Look Inside My Head

It's been so long since my last post that I thought I'd do Wordy Wednesday slightly early.

Years ago, I read some of the "Murphy's Law" books, and one of the "laws" said that the person you admire whom you imagine is thinking great thoughts, is probably thinking about his lunch.

This post is about my thoughts. Don't get the wrong idea, though. I'm not egotistical enough to think that people admire me, or that they imagine I'm thinking great thoughts, but I do get the impression that some people have the mistaken idea that I'm "smart", or "clever". Particularly relatives. Luckily they don't read this blog, so their illusions should remain unshattered. If only they knew...

Before we get started, I should warn you that if you are one of those great people thinking about their lunch, you might want to read this post after you've had a chance to fully digest that important meal, since you may find the contents of my brain somewhat disturbing.

The simple truth is that there's not usually very much going on in here. Einstein reckoned that we use 10% of our brains, and I suspect that my figure is much lower. I don't really think ahead very much - I'm usually concentrating on what's going on now, or what I'm about to say or type. That's probably why I'm rubbish at games like chess.

The rest of my brain power is spent on music. There is always a tune going through my head. The same few bars usually go round over and over for hours at a time. Sometimes it's music I've heard. For example, the theme tune to the wonderful sitcom "i polykatikia" (The block of flats).

More often, though, it's something that has been triggered by a word or phrase. After a few hours (or days) of something going round and round, I start to wonder where it came from. A while back I caught myself humming "Let it Snow". I consider it bad luck to sing Christmas songs out of season, and I realised it was all because Bee had sent an email whose subject line was a quote from the lyrics. Which means that all the bad luck I'm about to get is her fault.

At the weekend I installed Open Solaris. This is a Unix operating system, so it's similar to linux. They released a new version this month and unlike the previous ones it works on my laptop. As a long time user of Solaris, I like it because I'm familiar with it. On the other hand, there's a lack of software compared with Linux, so I'm not about to change my desktop anytime soon. This post is being written on the Solaris laptop.

Anyway, my brain turns "Solaris" into "Volare", so this kind of thing has been on the playlist a lot:

Finally we come to the really disturbing revelation. The next Ubuntu distribution is going to be called "Karmic Koala". Every time my brain sees this on an Ubuntu-related website, the following horror fills the empty cavern inside my head:

Some people have ipods blasting music into their brains all day long. My brain is happy to make it's own soundtrack. And it's generally not music that I'd choose to listen to.

After all that, I think you'll agree it's a good thing that we can't read one another's minds...


Jean Knee said...


Jean Knee said...

I have songs going around my head too. now with youtube I can cure my cravings-mostly

lately it's been songs from the 80's

Lips Like Sugar keeps going through my head and I can only find it in live versions. it sucks live

If I ever hear it again I'll probably find it just plain sucks


Jean Knee said...

I didn't know you liked Boy George


Bee said...

Well now you've gotten your revenge because I will be singing Volare for the rest of the week! Actually, thanks I love that song.

Bee said...

Also, the snow is now in the past or maybe distant future since we are up 95 degrees today and probably all week.

Winter where are you?? Kidding.

Bee said...

jean knee has a crush on Boy George. She makes kissy faces at him whenever she sees him.

Kat said...

While lunch (or food in general) is always on my mind I ain't no brainiac either. LOL

Your thoughts crack me up. What really amazes me though is that you're able to track your thoughts back. So you are probably thinking about your lunch right now and I am just blonde.

Chris Wood said...

Minds should be private places, that's true enough.

Chris Wood said...

And music is vital!