Monday, 12 January 2009

Seeing Double

Apparently someone once said that everybody has a double somewhere. I'm not sure how they're sure about this, or whether this is the same person that said that somewhere is one's ideal partner. As a schoolfriend once complained "Knowing my luck, my ideal woman's probably in Burkino Faso."

Anyway, Helena reckons that she has located my identical twin, in a film called "Mamma Mia". She says that her mother and half-sister agree with her about my uncanny resemblence to Colin Firth:

As you can see, it's not a fair comparison as he's obviously put on a bit of weight. And I'm not so sure myself. If he really does look like me, then why aren't I swamped by adoring women asking for an autograph? I mean, I am swamped by adoring women, obviously, it's just that my signature isn't high on their list of priorities.

I was about to hand in my resignation and offer my services to one of those lookalike agencies when I remembered that it was Helena who claimed I look like Dimitris Christofias, President of Cyprus:

When I gatecrashed an EU party claiming to be President of Cyprus.

And it was Helena that allegedly saw Doctor Huer from Buck Rogers at the checkout in Sainsburies. I explained that he lives in Chicago, and that if he was on holiday here as she suspected, being a famous actor, he was likely to be having the odd meal out during his visit, and so would probably not require a trolley full of groceries. But she wasn't convinced.

At least she didn't say I looked like him.


for a different kind of girl said...

Can I have your autograph?


Kat said...

Yeah, I wanna have an autograph too. That was hilarious and Colin really does look a lot like you ;o)

Jean Knee said...

Brian, there are celebrities all around, all the time, you probably just aren't noticing them

Brian o vretanos said...


Of course. Given that there are fewer copies around it should be worth more than some actor's anyway...



Jean Knee:

Like spiders?

I think it's just you, though - you seem to have all manner of celebrities stalking you.

Jean Knee said...

can insects feel pain? ants moved into my potted african violet so I sprayed them with poison and now they're on their backs with their little legs kicking and I'm wondering---should I squash them

Brian o vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

Apparently they don't.

Dan said...

I have seen that movie and I agree that guy has gained a pound or twenty five.

Bee said...

Brian, the resemblance is uncanny. Seriously! And at least you don't look like Hugh Grant since you hate him so much.

No Cool Story said...

I wonder how many other celebrities you look like (or rather, they look like you)...How do you even go outside? Aren't you afraid crazed fans will mug you?!?

Chris Wood said...

You were in Buck Rogers? Coooool.

And you went down a storm in Pride and Prejudice. Yep, fair enough. I'll give you that.

Brian o vretanos said...


At least he's still kept his hair ;-)


I don't hate Hugh Grant. Just his acting.


I don't have that problem because the crazed fans spend too long trying to work out which celebrity I am...


I don't understand what it is that Jane Austen does to women, but the guy struts around with a face like thunder, and they all go gooey over him. I must mug up on my early 19th Century chat up lines.

"Please forgive me, but am I to understand that this establishment has been granted the inestimable honour of being graced with your presence on a regular basis?"

Jean Knee said...

I'm pretty sure no woman 's going to go for that line.

Brian o vretanos said...

Oh... I had a look on google, and found the following:

"You look like a wart... you're starting to grow on me"

"If beauty was a rain drop you'd be the ocean."

They don't sound like things Mr Darcy would say, though...

Dan said...

Low blow Brian, that was loooow

Jean Knee said...

no possible way Mr. Darcy would ever say any of that

I kinda like the wart one

good comment to Dan