Saturday, 9 February 2008

"Brian o vretanos"

A parcel arrived for me today. It wasn't like the parcels I usually recieve from the Mediterranean containing books. This one was decorated with a picture of Green Bean Casserole, and the sender had put some polka dots on it.

So it was with some trepidation that I opened the parcel. I wondered if I should call the bomb squad, but decided to be brave (or reckless?)

Anyway, it contained... a stapler, which I have installed next to my other one as you can see.

The statue is called "Brian o vretanos", although the face needs to be put on. My printer doesn't do photos very well, so I've done this electronically.

I think this is the most thoughtful and unique present I've ever had. Thankyou, Jean Knee!

The stapler even works...


Anonymous said...


That absolutely rocks!!!

Great job Jean!!

Bee said...

So ummm... what she's saying is that you have a staple butt??
Hee hee hee!
Awesome jean knee!

Jean Knee said...

You look quite handsome as a stapler, Brian. I was gonna put your girl friend's head on a staple remover but my printer is kaput.

sorry about the sucky shoes but there again I couldn't print anything out so had to use the newspaper.

I think that qualifies me as a collage artist now.

Brian o Vretanos said...


Isn't it great?


I don't understand American English. What's a staple butt???

Jean Knee:

It would never ever in a million years have occurred to me that you could make people out of staplers. I'd have thought of the obvious - standing it the "normal" way up and putting eyes on it to look like, say, a frog, but never a person.

Your stuff should be in a gallery. It's better than a can of shit any day...

Tracy said...

I think that may be the coolest stapler ever! Please inform Jean Knee that my birthday is in September.
And I don't think that Bee's term Staple Butt is a real term because I haven't even heard of it. Maybe she's pulling it out of her fantastico world only known to Bee.

Bee said...

Staple butt = No gas.

Thank you ladies and gents, I will give another mini lecture tomorrow at 8 pm CTS.

Jean Knee said...

I've always wanted my art to be better than shit in a can, and now it is.

dreams can come true

Brian o Vretanos said...


I think Jean Knee may have discovered her calling - Stapler Artist.


You should compile a dictionary.

Jean Knee:

At least the stapler won't explode.

Jean Knee said...

I just thumbed my nose at your effigy and nothing even happened. did it give you a nightmare?

Brian o Vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

That wasn't very nice...

I'm sure it did, but as I was asleep, I don't actually know...

Bee said...

That GBC is looking yummy, I must be hungry!

Jean Knee said...

Brian, I have a new and fascinating post up with 11 comments. where have you been?

Brian o Vretanos said...


I'll make you some and send it to you...

Jean Knee:

I was watching Emilia. I put your blog on the RSS thing the other day so that I wouldn't miss any of your posts.