Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wordy Wednesday


1. When you're in a queue at an airport check-in, why is one of the only two check-in people always sitting for ages with their head down apparently busy?

2. What are they actually doing?

3. Why do they have to do it in front of everyone instead of going into an office or something?

4. Is it really to torment the people who are queuing up?

5. When you do get to the checkin desk, why do they have to press so many buttons on their computers? Surely identifying one of a handful of flights, one of the few hundred passengers, and their seating preference doesn't constitute more than 3 or 4 operations?

7. Why don't the air stewardesses doing the safety stuff stand at the emergency exits to show people where they are, instead of those weird hand gestures that don't really help?

8. Why do they tell you where the lifejackets are even on internal inland flights?

9. Where is Wordless Wednesday?

Answers on a postcard please...


panties are people too said...

panties are free for anyone to love; women, men and even that WWF girl thing elastic found

Bee said...

Brian, don't tell anybody but I think the people on that plane are either dead or dummies.

Bee said...

One more question and you would have had 10.

Why are you so obsessed with airline travel?

Jean Knee said...

I hate flying. everything about it sux, the end

Jean Knee said...

damn, is it already Wednesday???????

Dan said...

That plane looks really old. I wonder why there are no women on board this plane. What happend to them?

this blog is unmaned said...

The had babies and died.

Brian o Vretanos said...


You're right. Here's another question, which I'll post the answer to later.

10. Regarding the photo: What happened next?

I went on a flight the other day, and wondered about these things.

Jean Knee:

No, it's Thursday.


Do you get female crash dummies? You ought to, as their weight distribution can be very different.

Dan said...

Yeah, the bulk of the weight would be on the ass, hip area.

Jean Knee said...

that's right Dan, the bigger the ass the better the blast.

Brian-I wrote that comment on WED.


Obviously this is a "special" flight set up for those men harboring mannequin fetishes. It's like a Love Boat cruise for the freak set.

Panties Propaganda Inc. said...

Knickers can save your life in the event of a potential plane crash. If everyone holds their knickers out the windows it will act as a makeshift parachut thus slowing the plane into a friendlier, more gentler crash landing.

Ye Olde Wedgie Festival Committee said...

Some people enjoy the sensation that a nice atomic wedgie provides.



Brian o Vretanos said...


You might be right - Are you sure it's not for women, though? That might explain why all of the dummies are male...


They're obviously gay!

The plane is piping in MIKA for its in-flight music.

Brian ο βρετανός said...


You obviously know more about these things than I do, so I'm sure you're right.