Sunday, 31 May 2009

Important World Events

After my lazy bank holiday last week, I was toying with the idea of actually doing something this weekend. So I went onto google to find out if there was anything going on. Sadly, google wasn't able to help very much.

Amongst all of the adverts for restaurants, there was only one thing that stood out. Today they're holding the 15th Annual "Back to Back" wool challenge in New South Wales, Australia. You need a team of eight people - one to shear sheep, and the other seven to spin the wool and knit a jumper. All in under eight hours.

I decided not to go. Mainly because I'm not much of an outdoor person, and I didn't like the idea of spending up to eight hours around animals whose lives are duller than mine - they simply bleat and shit, and I bet they don't even have internet access.

Other minor reasons included not being able to shear, spin or knit, as well as not being able to find another seven people to go with. And Australia's a bit too far away for a convenient day trip.

This is the second biggest cultural event of the weekend, though. I bet that everyone who cares about renewable sources of clothing will be there. Father Al Gore is expected to jet in specially, like he did last year. As you probably know, he's an expert in this field, having attended Harvard on a knitting scholarship.

The former knitting pro showing
that he hasn't lost his touch

Last year some naysayers asked how come his wool was red, as it turned out that there were no red sheep there that day, and they even went as far as to suggest that he might have cheated and brought a half-finished jumper with him, but no-one took them seriously. If he does well this year, it is widely expected that he may be awarded the Nobel Fleece Prize.

Did I mention that this was the second biggest event of the weekend? The biggest is of course the Annual Celebration of Jean Knee's Birthday. I hope you have a good day, Jean Knee. You never know, Father Al might even send you a jumper.


Jean Knee said...


Jean Knee said...

you know, it's been a very long time since Father Al won an award
so I'm sure he's a shoe in

I told my neighbor I was turning 37 and he freaked out and said "what???? I'm older than you?""

should I be insulted?

I'm 44 which I like cuz it's two 4s

44 it just looks right somehow.

Jean Knee said...

thanks for wishing me a Happy birthday even though you are far away and asleep :)

Bee said...

Happy Birthday jean knee!

Al Gore looks uglier than normal when he's concentrating.

Chris Wood said...

Good to see a politician do something (anything) useful ...

Brian o vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

44 looks like a brilliant age to be.


Knitting is probably the most difficult thing he's ever done.