Saturday, 16 May 2009


I had my day all planned. It was going to be a repeat of last weekend. I was going to go into town, get some bits for my computer (another game controller, though also a USB hub this time), brunch in Burger King, and go to the supermarket on my way back.

Sadly, when I got to town, it was shut. Well, that's possibly not completely accurate. They've blocked off a vital part of the one way system. I'm not sure how much, because I couldn't get anywhere. I attempted to get to the car park another way, but I've only been driving in this town since I was 17, so I've still not learned my way around yet.

It's going to be closed for weeks. There's some lame excuse about them doing vital work on a gas main. Why do they never learn? They keep insisting on putting gas and water mains underneath roads. Why can't they put them somewhere more convenient? Such as above ground?

I didn't have any change which meant I couldn't park in one of the many "Pay and Display" places, and so I gave up and went to the supermarket. Now in a state of near starvation, having been daydreaming about burgers for the previous couple of hours.

Consequently, I ended up with a whole load of nice food. Brunch is nachos with "Monterray Jack" cheese, salsa dip and sour cream, washed down with orange juice and lemonade. I don't know if these nachos are very genuine - they look like Doritos to me. And the salsa isn't spicy enough, and as usual with fancily-named American cheeses, the Monterray Jack is very bland.

But it makes a nice change, and the whole thing only took a minute in the microwave (when it comes to cooking Bee is my role model).

Have a good weekend!


Kat said...

Isn't it the worst when you've got an appetite for something and then can't have it?

Driving me bonkers.

I love Nachos with Cheese and Jalapenos and Salsa and Guacamole...I love Nachos. Period. Have a good weekend yourself

Dan said...

looks like you'll have to take one of those big red buses shopping next time.

Bee said...

Have you ever seen my cousin vinny with joe pesci? There is a scene where they make fun off the fact that a whole store was closed for the flu. Must be serious of they closed a whole town.

Jean Knee said...

I'm supposed to be first but whatever.

I had cereal for breakfast, lame huh?

No Cool Story said...

It's probably zombies. I'd stay far away.

Yesterday I made nachos. Not to brag but I make pretty good nachos, my son who is picky said "this are the best nachos I have EVER had" (or maybe he said "had" but I am not sure since I have a hard time with the whole "have/had" thing and don't pay attention to that part...)
so there you have it.

Chris Wood said...

Well, you may not have been able to park, but at least the snack looks good.

Brian o vretanos said...


I still haven't had that burger...


Maybe I shall, though they're mulit-coloured here.


No, I've not watched that...

Jean Knee:

Ordinarily I wouldn't criticise, but after all the trouble I went to to make those nachos, I think you could have done a bit better than mere cereal.


I think I'll boycott town until they open the roads again. If you have any leftovers feel free to email me with them...


It was certainly filling. I might even have them again some time.