Monday, 18 May 2009

Meat Sandwich

Continuing the food theme, I couldn't resist passing on the story about the Italian sandwich. If you're feeling hungry and don't enjoy exotic South American cuisine, feel free to come back after you've eaten.

A visitor to an Italian hospital bought a cheese and tomato sandwich in the canteen, only to find that the cheese seemed to be a bit chewier than he had expected. On closer examination he found that the sandwich contained a dead lizard. He was rather shocked by this, so presumably he's a vegetarian or something.

I'm also guessing he's not Mexican. The only recipes I could find for lizards are for Iguanas, which are apparently eaten in certain parts of Mexico, and taste like chicken.

The man was examined by doctors, who were able to reassure him that he wasn't likely to be following the lizard to the grave as a result of the incident. No doubt the powers that be will be more interested to see whether or not the sarnie packet had suitable labelling, such as "May contain reptiles" in a microscopically small font. If they did, then they shouldn't get prosecuted.

The canteen did say that it must have got into the sandwich making machinery. Rather than into the hospital stew, presumably. I've always thought there was something dodgy about buying food in institutions where they regularly remove organs and amputate things from people. Just in case there's a mix up with the meat delivery.


Kat said...

One night at the movie theater my friend dug up a bandaid in the popcorn. Ever since I check my food like a freaking maniac.

P.S. Funny enough everything unusal to our taste seems to taste like chicken: snake, kangaroo, lizards...I see a pattern here LOL

Bee said...

Ick! Ewwww! ::shiver!::

My mom once found a piece of plastic in her waffle. When I called the waitress over she said sorry and then just stood there. I was like “Woman! Get my mom another waffle!” I would have walked out right then and then but my mom really likes that restaurants waffles. Yuck!

I'm having issues with Scarlett in that she is being a bitch and not letting me comment on blogs or reply to emails. If I were to type the word "need" as in "I need more tests" it comes out like this "N11z" I think I need a new phone. :o(

Brian o vretanos said...


That is seriously gross... I think I'd rather take my chances with the lizard.

Apparently in some places the locals call iguana "Tree Chicken".


A piece of plastic may not be so bad, depending on where it came from.

Poor Scarlett :-(
It sounds like you need to find Scarlett II...

for a different kind of girl said...

After the fiasco that was My Bloody McDonalds, I do not take kindly to even the hint of things found in or on food that weren't part of the original recipe. A dead lizard part would probably do me in!

Jean Knee said...

this is sooo not cool, Brian. I need to get a personal email when you post so I can be first

Jean Knee said...

uhhh, eww.

I find weird things in my food all the time, but no lizards--yet

No Cool Story said...


No no no.

I refuse to read this story.

No Cool Story said...

I also refuse to read Bee comment.

You can't make me Brian.