Sunday, 11 November 2007


Exclusive - The Story They Didn't Want You to Read!

In 1972 something major happened. "They" don't want you to know this. In fact, it it weren't for a dedicated group of brave individuals, you wouldn't be reading this now. This is their story.

The only thing that no-one denies is that in 1972 strange flashing lights were observed. These lights cannot be explained by any known phenomenon. They were particularly noticeable over the town of Foston, CA. You may not have heard of this town. That's because nobody lives there anymore. It doesn't exist on any map published after 1972.

One group of people won't let this story be forgotten. Although with time the surviving witness are dwindling in numbers, there are still a few carrying forward the attempt to explain just what happened. Aloysius Cranque is the President of FLAIR - "Flashy Light Alien Investigative Researchers". He explains:

"They didn't want anyone to know. This was the first authenticated attempt of an alien life form to make contact, and they are trying to cover it up. But we're determined to find the truth... Yes nurse, I'm just coming..."

Nevertheless, there is one photograph of that fateful event, which is shown above. You can clearly see the light, and that it's not man-made. Studies of the photo have been made to discover the direction of the light. By correlating these calculations, and using old maps, it has been possible to work out that the light was aimed at the old church. Computer simulations prove that the light beam would have fallen on a sign outside. Specifically on the words "Every Sunday".

I went to see Dr Del Treemens PhD, a scientist and founder member of FLAIR. We met in a bar. He was very nervous about talking to an outsider, and his hand shook as he drank his Bourbon. He explained his theory that the light was the way that the aliens travelled.

"You see, nothing can travel as fast as light, so they use light to travel. It's simple physics, really." He paused as he'd run out of liquor. I motioned to the bartender who got him a fresh bottle.

"They shine themsleves into the light beam."

"Why haven't they been back? What's the message about Sunday mean?"

"Well, I have a theory about that too. The Sun shines during the day, so to them Sunday just meant the day time. So they've been visiting us every day. Because of the daylight, we don't see the flashes."

Of course, "mainstream" scientists refuse to back up Dr. Treemens. Almost certainly they're worried about losing lucrative Goverment science grants. Nevertheless, FLAIR are continuing their work, keen to welcome the aliens, or to find out where they came from.

In recent days there has been discussion of whether the system 55 Cancri, 40 light years away, might have planets or moons capable of sustaining life. Maybe we're on the verge of finding our friends. Perhaps one day we can visit them. Hopefully they'll be more hospitable than us.


Bee said...

Oh so many great things happened that year!
But now that you brought to "light" the "lights" I have no other options than to admit I am the leader of the "Flashy Lights"! Yes, I know you're surprised but doesn't that explain the bossiness?
Anyway, we mean you no harm... yet.

Brian o Vretanos said...

Flashy Light Leader:

That explains a lot. Including why you tried to cover it up. If the FALIR folk knew the real information that you've come here for, they'd be very disappointed.

All the great achievements of human civilisation, and you're here for... shoes???

What is the Galaxy coming to?

Jean Knee said...

I guess that depends on your definition of "harm",

and who's we?

I'm gettin a weird feeling here.

oh, wait that was just my new go girl girdle shifting

Bee said...