Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hail, Bright Cecila!

Today is Saint Cecilia's day. She is the patron saint of music, and over the years there have been loads of odes and suchlike written and set to music to commemorate the occaision.

I looked her up on Wiki, since I wondered what she had done to be made a saint. Apparently she was a martyr, and they first tried to kill her by putting her in an over-hot bathouse (WTF?), and when that didn't work they tried to cut her head off, but after 3 attempts the executioner guy gave up. Though she died three days later, so he must have at least hacked it part-off.

So it seems she earned her saintdom. And some. If that's what you have to do to earn a halo, count me out...

To any Americans who may have wandered in (though I'm sure you've all got better things to do), Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that families get on, arrangements go okay, and that the food is good. Especially the Green Bean Casserole.


Jean Knee said...

ha, I know you thought it was bee but it isn't.
If that's all you have to endure to be sainted, well that's just lame.
Cecila ought to try and survive one of our family gatherings. I'll give my drunken uncle Steve
Holiday greetings from you.

the more I think about it I really should be sainted

Brian o Vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

As I type this, I am of course kneeling and turning my face away from the unbearably bright luminance of your saintliness.

Don't forget though, that dying is a compulsory prerequisite to beatification...

I didn't think you'd be around today, so it's nice of you to drop in. All the best to you and to your drunken uncle Steve.

Bee said...

I wonder if jean knee snuck to an internet cafe so she could comment on your blogus...??

I wonder if they've named a saint after me yet? (I know it's usually the other way around but I'm always the exception to all rules, maybe they have a saint they don't like so they'll re-invent her and name her Bianca Saint of Sarcasmness, just sayin'!)

Bee said...

My sister came by this morning on her way to the market and bragged about the fact that she bought the ingredients for GBC. Then she threatened to come and mix it here! That brat! It's funny cuz she also had a gallon of sherbet, she opened it and took some in a plastic cup to continue her shopping. Pregnant people! :o)

Bee said...

The plus side of today is that there's no traffic around here.

Brian, even though it's an American tradition, take a moment and give thanks for all you've got and your lack of IN-LAWS! :o)

Till mañana!

Andy said...

I'm just wondering what ole Cecilia did to warrant 4 failed attempts on her life.

Did they have Green Bean Casserole back then & did she invent it?

Brian o Vretanos said...


You never know, it might be like stars. Churches are never shy of money making ideas - they used to sell time off from purgatory, so maybe if you write to the Pope and enclose a fat donation, they can name some unknown martyr after you.

She's lucky it's sherbert she's got a craving for. Though a GBC obsession might be useful this time of year.

Giving Thanks:
Now you've made me think of my Ex-MIL! Thanks a lot!


Not sure what she did, except that they got her husband and his brother first, so maybe it was them they were really punishing. Getting married really does increase your chance of a violent death ;-)

They don't even seem sure what century she died in. I thought martyrs died because of their religion.

I was wondering where they got such an incompetent executioner from. Or maybe she had a very thick neck.

GBC was invented in the 50's by the Campbell's Soup people.

Bee said...

All I have to say is:
Green Bean Cassetols was good.

OH! No leftovers on GBC.

Brian o Vretanos said...


That's bad news, since it means that you're not going to be able to send the leftovers to Beanless Britain ;-)