Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Cookery Corner

Haricots Verts en Casserole

Inspired by all the talk about Green Bean Casserole on Bee's blog, I decided to try it for myself. Especially since even I can just about follow a recipe that involves emptying some tins into a casserole dish. This meant hunting far and wide for some green beans, of course, but eventually Helena and I managed to track some down.

We were less successful at finding french-fried onions, and had to make do with ordinary fried onions instead. Otherwise the Campbell's recipe was followed pretty much to the letter, though since it's all in American units I just guessed the quantities.

It also took longer to heat up than the recipe had predicted, so perhaps I didn't get the American temperatures right either.

When it was done it looked nothing like any of the pictures I could find on the web - I've got a feeling that I should have used more beans, less milk and that using the wrong onions also made it mushier.

I was warned that a lot of people don't like GBC, and I'm not that keen on mushrooms. By the time it came out we would have eaten anything, we were both so hungry. But actually, it was very nice, and there was none left over. Helena even asked if I could make it again next weekend.

If the country's green bean supplies hold up...


Bee said...

More on that later just wanted to beat jean knee.
I'm KM this week so I have to go make coffee...

Bee said...

Okay, I'm back.
jean knee should be here soon...
Anyway, as long as you and Helena liked it then we're happy you found out about GBC. Maybe it'll become so popular in your country that we will be the ones suffering the green bean shortage, I can only dream! :o)

Jean Knee said...

yes here I am. It looked better than the kind I've had.
Now, just for you two, a MIL story:
a little background on MIL: she worships Martha Stewart, has a lot of antiques and somewhat fancy heirlooms in her house, nearly dropped dead when I served something on paper plates...etc

My SIL married to Drew's bro: loves to thwart MIL at every opportunity

SIL decided we would make GBC to serve X-mas eve dinner. She forced me to make it, I did, it was gross

MIL had asked us previously when we were going to change for dinner, I had on black pants &red sweater, SIL had on Mickey mouse sweatshirt. SIL forbade us to change.

MIL arrived with her mother in tow both wearing mink coats, moth eaten ancient mink coats but still, mink coats.
Remember what SIL is wearing

Any way she slops extra helpings of GBC on their plates. Being proper ladies they had to force it down and say how delicious it was.

I'm thinkin you would like SiL Bee

Bee said...

jean knee!! While I was reading that I was thinking, I love your SIL! So it's funny that you said that at the end! :o)

Jean Knee said...

she lives in the Chi-town area, however, like many people I know, she has gone crazy.

My MIL has mellowed with age and loosened up, not crazy yet, but close

Brian o Vretanos said...


Well, we've taken on so many other American customs, maybe this is one we should embrace too.

Jean Knee:

My GBC was particularly sloppy, so would be ideal for the kind of purpose that you describe!

Jean Knee said...

and I could slop it onto paper plates!!!

Bee said...

I don't like Martha but when I throw a dinner party I use the finest of china plates (as in paper plates made in China I hope not toxic!)
The silverware and cups are all 100% recycled plastic AND! I put a large garbage can in the middle of the room for their convenience.

Let's see Martha top that!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to your daughter for eating the GBC, actually liking it AND asking for more!!! Usually little kids don't like to try new things (or anything that looks like that--no offense, it is a casserole)--she must be a good eater. :o)

Brian o Vretanos said...


Helena can be as fussy as other children, just about different things. For example, she won't eat chicken. Her mother originally wanted her to be a vegetarian, so she's been eating things like green vegetables and mushrooms since she was a baby.