Monday, 29 December 2008

That Was The Year That Was: 2008

As the present year nears its end, it's that time to go through the thrills and spills of 2008, as seen on this blog:


I began the year extolling the advantages of celebrating it in another time zone - Eastern European Time being 2 hours ahead of UK time, and noting the passing of the Cyprus Pound as they entered the Eurozone. The transition over the next few weeks was painless, though they only got the Pound in 1960, so some of the older people there still think in Shillings...


The seemingly endless Presidential campaigns did actually come to an end when Dimitris Christofias was elected President of Cyprus. He's since entered into direct negotiations with the Turkish Cypriot leader on the reunification of the island - although it doesn't seem to be going smoothly. Here's hoping for progress in 2009.


I got a laptop, which was faulty and was quickly replaced by the one that Bee brilliantly christened "The Silver Surfer". I also converted my desktop machine to Linux, though it was another two months before my flat became a Microsoft Free Zone.


This month saw the beginning of Wordy Wednesday, which was partly an attempt to complement Jean Knee's "Wordless Wednesday", and partly a poor imitation of Tracy's rambling style. I've pretty much managed every week since, using timed posts on the odd occasion when I've not been around. It's great because it gives my blogging week some structure, and I think helps keep me regular (with my posts, that is).


Instead of attempting to travel on a Bank Holiday, I spent the time off writing a blog post about the pointlessness of going anywhere on such an occasion. Which was all very well, but what the hell am I going to write about next year?


I bought a new rugged mobile phone. I think I've used it only a handful of times in the last six months. And I've not dropped it on concrete yet. The best thing about it is that it has a more advanced display, so I've been able to put a picture of Aimilia Kenevezou as its wallpaper.


I did have a near miss with the phone, though, when I left it in a hotel in Scotland. A much bigger problem was the fact that I also lost my keys on the journey home. Looking back, I'm slightly ashamed that I got so stressed about this, but not being able to get into your home is somewhat disconcerting.


Not content with a trip to Scotland, I went abroad again this month, spending a family day in Wales. I hardly ever see my sister, so this was a really special event. And, I actually remembered to take my camera and get some photos I could post up!


I had a go at writing a horoscope. Although my predictions were frighteningly accurate, I decided not to give up the day job after all. I think in hindsight that this was a good move, as it would have been terrible of me to put all of those charlatan psychics out of work in the current economic situation.


The supermarkets started to get tough on the issue of reusable bags. I have to say that it's rare nowadays that I forget to take mine.


My old piano broke down, and was replaced almost straight away by a new one. Just in time for my annual tradition of playing Christmas carols. The other aspect of this tradition is that I don't get any better at playing them from one year to the next.


I participated in Bee's Secret Santa, and had fun faking up a picture, though looking at all of the flaws in it, I wish I was better at that sort of thing.

The absolutely best thing about this year, though, has been those of you who have been good enough to read and comment on my idiotic ravings. Because without you I wouldn't still be doing this.


Bee said...


Bee said...


Bee said...

Brian, I did not know that photo was fake! when I first saw it, I wondered where you'd gotten it.

You had an awesome year. I'd do a post like your but it would go like this:

Jan-Dec sucked ass. The end.

I'm not wishing you a Happy New Year yet cuz I know I'll talk to you another 25 times before 12/31.

Unless, I freeze while cleaning off my car.

Bee said...

ha ha um "I'd do a post like yourS" not "I'd a post like your but"

Jean Knee said...

uhm, Bee's talking bout your butt.. didn't some insane shrink (Freud maybe or was it Dr. Joyce brothers. or maybe Dr. Phil whomever) say there are no slip ups with words, okay now I think it's a Freudian slip so it was Freud.

anyway i don't remember what point I was making so:

What a madcap recap of yoor madcap year 2008.

Jean Knee said...

I meant your

Brian o vretanos said...


Please try not to freeze...

Jean Knee:

I think that she might have been tired and emotional. Hopefully not Freudian.

Bee said...

jean knee is such a cute little pervert.

You know, I'm only allowed to have one cup of coffee now. And by that I mean I was told not to have any but I compromised and decided to at least have one but it is just not cutting it. I need more so I can pretend to be awake.

I hate rich people.

Brian o vretanos said...


You should get some tips from Jean Knee about giving up the demon coffee. Presumably you can still drink decaf?

I don't know any rich people, so I don't know whether or not I'd like them...

Jean Knee said...

Oh my gawwwd Bee nooooo. You have to replace it with hot decaf tea or hot chocolate. Decaf coffee just isn't that good to me but maybe Starbucks brand is good who knows?

I wanted to die for a few days there with the caffeine withdrawal, but now it isn't too bad.

Or you could get pregnant so you'll be soo busy spewing that the caffeine withdrawal will go unnoticed. That's how I did it with Lean. The second time was harder.

Hey, how's it going Brian?

Bee said...

No way guys. No way am I quitting my coffee. I'll quit gay cowboys before I quit my coffee.
No way.

Jean Knee said...

so Bee, what's up with brian's butt? I haven't seen it but now I want to.

It's probably safer for Andy that you keep to one cup.

Bee said...

jean knee, I'm telling Drew your off your meds again. Want some pot?

Chris Wood said...

So, Brian's year will end with some entertaining stoned up cat fight coffeeathon? Where do I sign up?

Brian, I'd say that looks like a good year. Here's to 2009! Nobody be offended if I don't post tomorrow, I will be at a friend's and wasted.

Ingrid said...

Happy New Year!

Jean Knee said...

I hope you all realize-remember I once threw someone into the sink

not that I would ever do that again- prolly

Bee said...

I don't fit in the sink so I'm not scaurd.

Tracys Ramblings said...

What's fake about that photo? I don't see any mistakes in it. Of course, you saw my attempt at changing a photo.
Thank you for saving me with that.

I think it's funny that you took that trip to see your sister and the picture that we get is a picture of little huts made out of something that looks smokeable.

Also, one would think that you would put a picture of someone like, oh I don't know, maybe your daughter on your cellphone instead of the news lady.
And by the way, Bee, Jean Knee, Dan, and myself are all way better looking than the news lady. Why didn't you put up a picture of one of us on your phone???

Just to warn you, I might steal your idea for this post and do my own year recap. Would you mind?

Brian o vretanos said...


Cheers! Have a good time.


Happy New Year to you as well!


I'm not going to tell you where the flaws are in that picture...

The place was a museum of Welsh life, and those huts are Welsh houses.

I'm not a great one for photos of people I know - all the photos around my flat are of film people and musicians.

I suspect other people have had this "recap of the year" idea before me. I definitely think you should do one.