Friday, 28 December 2007

Bits and Pieces

As my time is limited, here are a few bits and pieces.

Putin vs Gore Quick Quiz:

1. Which one actually managed to get elected President of their country?

2. Which one got a whole set of satellites launched so that his country could have it's own GPS system which he could use to put a GPS collar on his labrador, so it wouldn't get lost?

No prizes...

From the Grave

I loved the story about the 88-year old in Portland who died a couple of months ago. His friends and relatives got Christmas cards from "Paradise", in which he wrote that he'd asked to come back just long enough to write and post the cards. Not only did the guy have a great sense of humour, but he used it in a way that would help the bereaved enjoy their first Christmas without him.

Consumer Child

Helena and I went to my mother's yesterday for a meal, and she now has Christmas money to spend, so time to go shopping. I'll see if I can get hold of the Star Wars Trilogy whilst I'm at it - maybe we'll be able to pronounce the names of the planets we're attacking.


Oh, and I want some pity, please. Or at least some empathy. Someone bought Helena an Aled Jones CD. I've heard it five times in the last two days. Agghhhhh.....


Bee said...


Hey, since I subscribed to that comment thing on your posts, I saw you got a nutty comment on Putin. I read it and the only thing going thru my head was "Viva La Revolucion!". As the Doors once sang about, People are Strange.

The Christmas card thing is genius, I would love to do that too but I think they'd freak out if I was still alive when they got them.

Okay Brian, stop hinting! We know what to get you for your birthday...

Bee said...

Also, I had no idea there was a Star Wars game, don't tell Andy!

Jean Knee said...

well, I don't know how to answer the first one since Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote, hmmmmmm

putin- wasteful, self indulgent, hard bodied oaf

Loved the Christmas card thing.

Complain all you want about that cd just think of me and my misery- Lean got a My little pony movie, video game, large singing and dancing Pony, and a teapot pony house that plays music, over and over again until you want to pierce your inner ears with a sharp instrument of torture just so you won't have to hear any more pony drivel!!!!

Jean Knee said...

Oh yeah read my link on my "secret" post.

Brian o Vretanos said...


I wonder how the Russian Nationalist found my blog? Presumably either total accident or some strange google search...

Star Wars Risk can be played by 2 players (whereas standard Risk is for 3 or more). If you aren't able to blog for a few months we'll understand - it's quite a long and intricate game.

Jean Knee:

Okay, you have a point. I'll stop complaining. I'd definitely rather listen to AJ

I have now read your link properly...

Jean Knee said...

ha, the russians have you under surveilance now, Brian. Hope nothing happens to you