Saturday, 1 December 2007

Digital Food

Someone has come up with a USB biscuit. Unfortunately, this isn't one that will be around by Christmas, but a "concept". In fact, it looks like he just got a Custard Cream and stuck a USB connector into it, but I think it's a great idea, and I hope they end up making them. Not that I need a flash drive.

Anyway, it started me wondering about digital cookery. Naturally, I'm way out of date, and someone has already done it, with 30 USB ports. Just look at the pictures in this link, the rest is apparently in Japanese. Clearly there are a few technical issues to sort out before this becomes feasible (he's lucky he didn't fry himself by the looks of things).

They're missing a trick, though. Computers pump out heat - that's why they have fans, so what we really need is a combi-computer-oven. Ecologically sound, though you may end up having to scrape Green Bean Casserole off your motherboard.

It would be great. You could have a little camera in the oven and watch your food cooking as you type. And a popup would appear when dinner was ready. Geeks really would forget where their kitchen was.

You may laugh now, but it'll be me who's chuckling when I'm rich and famous. Father of the Combi-Computer-Oven. If only I could think of a better name for it...


Bee said...

Don't ask me why but I thought this was hilarious: "scrape Green Bean Casserole off your motherboard"!

Anyway, I would never buy one cuz I like to seperate the things I do into good and bad categories.

Blogging addiction-good

Brian o Vretanos said...

But the idea is that now you'll grow to love it. I've even got a slogan:

"Makes Cooking as Easy as A P C"

This is just the beginning of a whole range of "kitchen" goods - Geeks have more than one computer, after all. The next is a Computer/Tumble Drier, using the hot air generated by your blogging to dry clothes in case you ever need to leave the house.

Jean Knee said...

You could call it a coven but everyone would think of Bee.

They try to make cra* like that look like fun to brainwash us when we are younger Ex: easy bake oven, play vaccuum cleaner, play lawn mower, fake power drills(Lean's favorite)

but it hasn't worked yet.

however I don't think anyone has tapped the computer geek market yet so you may have something

Brian o Vretanos said...

Jean Knee:

I quite like Coven, actually. Only Bee would think of Bee ;-)

You could have slogans like "It's Magic", or "Comes with Spell Checker"

Remember Geeks like sorcery and stuff.

I'm not so sure about the combined Computer/Lawn Mower - "Surf the Web While You Mow the Lawn".

You want to encourage Lean with the power drill thing - it could set her up for all sorts of careers, and there'll be someone to do things around the house when you and Drew are too old...

All About Bee said...

I rushed over here as soon as I sensed somebody say Coven... are you talking about me??? I thought so! ;op

You know, I beginning to think you don't appreciate me being all about, well, me! What the heck else would I talk about?

Global Warming
Spousal Abuse

These are things I wouldn't dare to make jokes about Brian and it's kinda mean of you to want me to.

Brian o Vretanos said...

Of course I appreciate you!

You wouldn't be you if you didn't talk about yourself.

Jean Knee said...

I'd appreciate it if you'd talk about me more, or father Al